The Best Cat Food For Your Kitten

Keeping your felines healthy and happy is very important, and one of the ways to do this is to make sure your beloved pet enjoys a balanced diet. The only way this is achievable is with the best cat food. However, one may be confused in selecting the right food because of the endless available options. Thus, some advice will help you with making the right choice.

So what is the best cat food for kittens? The best food is one which meets your kitty’s nutritional requirements and at the same time contains no harmful fillers. With few exceptions, wet cat food is highly recommendable because cats enjoy their water with what they eat rather than drinking it separately.

Just as we feel better when we eat healthy and delicious food, so will our pets. Some people feel their cat is healthy when eating any dried or canned food – they think so because their cat has not yet been struck with a severe illness. The same applies to us – our body will continue doing everything in its power to remain in good health even when our nutrients are deficient. Things begin to change when ill health starts surfacing – meaning it takes time for illness to appear. Serious diseases don’t appear at once; it takes a long time before becoming evident. And cats are good at hiding their illnesses at the initial stages.

People who have a tumor, kidney failure or stroke were once healthy before these chronic diseases surfaced.

I don’t like purchasing commercial food for my kitten because of their harmful ingredients. Many of them are not fit for human consumption – and are also dangerous for cats.

You want your cat to be in its prime health, don’t you? It obvious you do. So you must always consider health first when looking for cat food – just as you would consider your health first when shopping for groceries. There are many healthy cat foods which you can make with natural ingredients. Homemade cat food is the best options when you are faced with the question – what is the best cat food.

Look for natural cat foods which provide the vitamins, protein, and other nutrients which your kitten needs to stay healthy. And this can be found in your kitchen. Make your own healthy, natural cat food right in your kitchen, using only natural ingredients. Some healthy cat food ingredients include vegetables, chicken or lamb, beef, natural flavorings – garlic powder, brewers yeast, and kelp.

Pork, raw eggs, and onions are a NO-NO for cats; make sure you never give them to your cat.

However, if you want to buy commercial cat foods, then you must consider the age of your cat – the diet for a kitten shouldn’t be the same for your mature cat. Always read the labels of branded products to know which food is best for the age of your cat.

Just like human foods, all cat foods are not the same. Cats are selective; your cat may like some brands better than others.